Our services

The way Donisia is created lets us manage the whole production cycle

from the sketch to the final garment, passing through many intermediate steps for the realization of both samples and whole productions. Our staff is unique because of his flexibility, which is needed to realize the whole universe of womenswear.
Our expertness is shown with the vestibility of the product, the attention for details, and the quality of chosen materials.

We care about every aspect and step of production, which is operated and monitored by professional artisans in order to ensure direct and authentic information exchange.

Sourcing materials

Thanks to solid relationships with important textile companies, Donisia offers consultations in order to let the designer select new fabrics and materials. When developing a pattern, we primarily focus on qualitative and functional aspects of the chosen materials.

Pattern making

The staff’s expertise in pattern-making is what makes Donisia a leader in the woman’s apparel industry. The Italian tailor tradition, in its modern conception, is at the base of the technical consultancy offered. The patterns always guarantee the perfect fitting of the finished garment.

Size grading and allocation

Size grading and allocation are managed by the most recent Lectra Systemes softwares. Donisia is able to provide a specific service, even without being involved in the subsequent production phase.

Sample making

Prototypes are produced from patterns which are totally created from us or supplied by our customers. A detailed technical data sheet is attached to all our samples. The file specifies both the technical characteristics and the productive problems of the model. In some cases, we take care of other companies’ sample, to adjust the fit or improve the product.


Our flexibility lets us manage many different demands with usually a 5-week production, always respecting our quality standards. We conduct quality controls at every production step and a final test for all our creations.

Packing and shipping

We pack the garment singularly hanged, so it will arrive fresh and clean to the final destination. Also, we collaborate with international couriers and shipping agents.